A place where you can Grow & Glow in all areas of your life –
You deserve to glow inside & out!

Hello & Welcome!

    My name is Gloria Osborne-Sheeler, LCSW aka Glow and I’m a therapist, healer, speaker, and glow up coach! I am so honored and excited that you are here.

    This is your sacred space where you may find offerings to help you Grow & Glow Your Practice when it comes to:

  • Your Business Practice
  • Your Healing Practice
  • Your Spiritual Practice

  •     As an Afro-Latina who is passionate about all things related to glowing up your life, I created Glow In Practice to help you start your journey to achieve the glow up you desire - Whether it’s personally, professionally, or both! Who says you can’t have it all in one space?

        Let’s face it - it’s impossible to develop and run a successful healing business or create your dream life if you’re not committed to your own healing. I’m sharing this with you because I’ve been there.I created my mental health private practice, Glow In Therapy, when I was coming out of one the darkest periods of my life. At the time, I thought it was just going to be a mental health blog and before I knew it, it was a full on telehealth practice 3 months before Covid hit.

        My Glow Up has been so real ever since! I’ve been able to manifest and achieve some of my biggest dreams by reconnecting with myself, facing my deepest fears, and unapologetically going after the Glow Up I knew I deserved. When you’re connected with your inner glow, anything is possible.

        Are you ready to tap into your Inner Glow and go after Your Glow Up that You deserve and desire? I see you and I’m to support you on your Glow Up journey!

        Achieving your Glow Up in this space looks like:

  • Learning to tap into your inner glow and infinite worthiness
  • Reconnecting with body, mind, and spirit to manifest your wildest dreams
  • Relentlessly prioritizing yourself because you deserve it
  • Glowing after your dreams and getting out of your own way
  • Wholeheartedly believing in yourself the way your ancestors do

  • Ready to get started? Choose which area you would like to Glow Up Below!

    Gloria Osborne-Sheeler

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