Glow In Your Practice:


Having a thriving business as a therapist or healer requires awareness, commitment and connection to your own healing. Aligning yourself with your unique inner glow allows you to show up more authentically on your professional path. This journey may teach you more about yourself and further connect you with your own spirit, the soul essence of who you are. Through having more awareness and connection to self, you’re able to authentically attract the people, places, and things that make your life magnificent.

Ready to Glow Up your Business Idea or Plan? Let’s attract the clients you love, doing the work you’re passionate about, and build the financial abundance you deserve.

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Gloria Osborne-Sheeler,

Business Glow Up Session

I absolutely love and am honored to support you on your business glow up journey! This is great option for therapists or healers seeking business guidance with:

  • Starting or upgrading a solo private practice
  • Identifying your clinical niche
  • Attracting your ideal clients
  • Marketing & Networking
  • Expanding & growing social media platforms
  • Developing creative content
  • Developing a glow up plan for your business
  • Support with staying organized and on track with your glow up plan
  • Disclaimer: While Gloria Osborne-Sheeler, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California, this is not individual or group therapy. This session is meant for educational and informational purposes only. If you're are interested in seeking mental health therapy services with Gloria, please connect with her by visiting or emailing