Glow In Practice:

All About Gloria

Gloria Osborne-Sheeler, LCSW is the owner & creator of Glow In Practice, a space where you can learn to Grow & Glow in all areas of your life.

Gloria is a bicultural/bilingual Spanish Speaking Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 13 years experience working with individuals, families, and couples in various outpatient and inpatient settings. She is a First Gen, Afro-Latina originally from the beautiful country of Panama and has resided in the greater Los Angeles area for a majority of her life.

She created and developed her telemental health practice, Glow in Therapy, in October 2019. At the time, Gloria was working as a mental health clinician in healthcare and had dreams of being able to create a therapeutic space for her community to thrive and glow in their relationships, self-love, and self-care practices. She slowly became invested in herself and her business, not knowing that her private practice would develop into the magical telemental health practice that it is today.

Gloria started to get many inquiries about how to create a telemental health practice as well as how to grow when it comes to healing and spirituality practices. Starting a business or diving into healing or spirituality can feel overwhelming and/or scary at times. She has learned many things along the way and now offers coaching and consulting services to her community through Glow In Practice.

Gloria has experienced and overcome a multitude of life challenges and traumas. Life is hard at times but healing is possible! She has dedicated much time and energy to her own healing processes both personally and professionally. She believes in the power of accessing and maintaining inner peace through ancestral healing, meditation, breathwork, and other forms of spirituality. Today, she dedicates herself full time to her telemental health practice (Glow In Therapy) and teaching others how to develop their own business practices and strengthen their healing and spirituality practices.

In her free time, you can catch Gloria at a local coffee shop, hiking, collecting crystals, or dancing to a great playlist of Reggaeton and Hip-Hop.